What’s in the heart of my cakes…

Chocolate Cake – dark moist heavy chocolate cake. Once your taste buds get this More-ish flavour its like floating on cloud 9.

Carrot Cake – nutty and moist, one of the most delectable carrot cakes around.

Fruit Cake – nutty, fruity, spicy and simply the most irresistible cake there is.

Madeira Cake – a tendency to look a little dry but yet moist and simply mouth watering.

Marble Cake – a combination of vanilla and chocolate cake swirled together.

Chocolate Mousse – this is made the old fashioned way with cream, chocolate, gelatine and is the best thing since pa fell off the bus. It is sandwiched between Chocolate Cake.

Chocolate Cheese Cake – a combination of three cheeses and chocolate and wheat biscuits. This is a to die for cheese cake for all those cheese cake fans.