These are just some of the cakes I can make, want something more specific and to your taste, contact me.

Strawberries & Cream

Chocolate Cake with cream and chocolate sticks in milk, dark and white Belgian chocolate. Decor is truffles and fresh strawberries.


Chocolate Cake with Ganache, decor is dark chocolate collar and truffles in milk, dark and white chocolate.


Round carrot cake with white chocolate ganache and shavings, fresh red roses.


Square and round chocolate cake with ganache and assortment of Belgian chocolate


Round three tier chocolate cake with white chocolate collar, centre panel white choc leaves, shavings and icing roses and silver discs.


Multi tier round chocolate and vanilla cake with ganache and Belgian lace collar. Vanilla cupcakes with Belgian butter icing with "I Do" in red and a hint of gold dust.

Berry Chocolate

Multi tier round carrot cake with white chocolate ganache, frozen berries, lace chocolate rectangles with fresh roses on top of cake.
12 July 2008 Fruit and Choc with white choc ganache choc rec and froz berries 003

Simply Chocolate

Three tier chocolate mouse cake with white chocolate rectangles around the side of the cake.  To decorate used fresh flowers.



Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.  Milk chocolate sticks and fresh roses.

CIMG1805 CIMG1806


Chocolate cake with cream on top.  Chocolate collars in dark chocolate and milk chocolate brushed over.  Chocolate balls (hollow) in white, milk and dark and fresh roses to decorate.
New Image

More Beautiful Cakes


CIMG1591 23092006 choc cake Chocolate cake with white plastic icing, gold tipped ribbons and sugar roses.

Kristel & Nicole

CIMG1825 Top three tiers are dummies and the bottom tier is chocolate cake with chocolate collars and red icing balls.




DSCN0026 Chocolate cake with white chocolate squares around side of cake and triangles curls on top.

Bell construction

DSCN0191Chocolate cake with ganache milk chocolate collars and shavings.


DSCN0571Chocolate cake with ganache and flake and whispers.


DSCN0606 Starting at the top we have a vanilla sponge, carrot cake, chocolate cake and the bottom tier is fruit cake.


DSCN3298 Top and bottom cake are vanilla sponge and middle tier is fruit cake.


DSCN3067 June Dunk 12 Feb 2009  6” Fruit cake and mini cakes are a mix of vanilla sponge and chocolate.