About Us

Hello, as you may have guessed by now my name is Kim and this where I share my passion for tasty “special occasion” treats.

Here you will find a selection of my handcrafted luxury Belgian chocolates and fabulous wedding cakes. You will also find information on how these cakes are made and more on what goes into them, besides the over 20 hours of labour & love.

I am a member of the SACDG and have been doing cake icing for the past eleven years, and enjoying every minute of it.

Chocolates are a fascination for me and I am learning all the time. I enjoy a challenge, the sky is the limit so I am sure we will hit a few stars.

Charades! features:

  • Pictures of “to die for” cakes & chocolates, no licking our screens, please
  • Information on the art of cake & chocolate making
  • Testimonials – any and all, no removing yucky bits needed
  • Although this website may look edible it contains absolutely ZERO calories, feast away!
  • Come back to visit, tell your friends, if you have any and want to impress them